A Wedding DJ by day and videographer by night. If there’s one thing Derald has mastered in his lifetime, it’s creativity. Directing the dance floor like one of his films, Derald invigorates every wedding with passion and finesse. Taking pride in each project, Derald has a unique vision for the big picture.

With a background in Graphic Design, Acting and Song Writing, Jonathan has taken these skills & applied them to his live performance. Jonathan's gift for innovation allows your identity to be seen. He craves the unexpected & showcases it like a precious art piece.

John Wheeler started Kaleidoscope Events because he felt like brides and grooms deserved a Wedding DJ company that they can be proud of-- that truly understands how they think about music and weddings. For him, being a great wedding DJ means treating each wedding as if it's his own. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, Notre Dame football, and watching The Office.